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I am a member of a conservation community group called Tottenham Trees.

Tottenham Trees is a branch of the Charter for Trees, Woods and People, or the Tree Charter for short.

The Tree Charter is a set of 10 principles which we all need to live by in order to grant trees the recognition and protection they deserve. Tottenham Trees is one of 300 local community groups across the UK who helped to define these principles by gathering over 60,000 personal stories about the significance of trees in people’s lives.

The Charter for Trees, Woods and People launched in November 2017 on the 800th anniversary of the Royal Charter of the Forest.

Tottenham Trees is also part of a global movement to protect our natural heritage. We hold Nobel Peace Laureate and environmental activist, Wangari Maathai, among our greatest inspirations.

Tottenham is a densely populated, heavily polluted area of North London with a shortage of green spaces. However, it does have some delightful ones, such as Bruce Castle Park (the first public park in Tottenham),  Downhills Park, Parkland Walk, Tottenham Cemetery, Lordship Rec and Tottenham Marshes.

We have organised tree-related events around Tottenham, including guided tree walks, tree planting afternoons, poetry readings and even a tree-themed pub quiz. Sadly, these events are currently on hold due to the Covid-19 restrictions. To find out more visit our website or contact: or follow us on Twitter: @TottenhamTrees