River Severn

How we came to Worcester

At the end of September 2021, Mr Rixon and I, our two girls and our two cats finally moved out of London. Not to Devon, as long-planned and dreamed, but to Worcester in the Midlands instead. Back in June, we were in the process of purchasing a house in a pretty little village in Mid …

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child reading nature book in park

Book Review: A Friend to Nature

There are many books that encourage children to take a deeper interest in the natural world around them. I was delighted to receive a particularly wonderful one through the post recently: 'A Friend to Nature: Activities and Inspiration to Connect with the Wild World' by Laura Knowles and Rebecca Gibbon. A Friend to Nature is …

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dovesfoot cranesbill in field

My growing obsession with wildflowers

ComfreyFumitory of the WallBlack MedickGarlic MustardOxford RagwortCuckooflower What began as a wildflower awakening back in February has slowly blossomed into bit of an obsession. Now, I notice wildflowers wherever I go. More and more of them are becoming well known to me, usually just by their common names, but sometimes by their botanical ones too, …

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Toddler hugging an ancient beech tree

Some thoughts on FI, parenting & the planet

Becoming a parent seems like a counterintuitive thing to do if you are concerned about the future of life on Earth and/or trying to save your pennies to reach financial independence (FI). Having children inevitably means bringing new consumers into the world who are going to eat up its finite resources and contribute towards climate …

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children reading a book in a field

How to re-wild childhood through storytelling

I'm very pleased to introduce the first ever guest blog post on Little Wild Tales. It is written by Jenny Bailey, author and co-founder of Tales from Mother Earth, a collective of five friends who seek to communicate conservation messages to children through the realms of storytelling and music. Here, Jenny explores a topic that …

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cows grazing in field

Why I have chosen to follow a vegan diet

Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals Media Sometime in October 2020, I did something I thought I could never do: I became a vegan. As an environmental writer, I'm constantly hearing about the impact of meat and other animal products on the planet. For years I tried to turn a blind eye, thinking that being veggie, …

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